Program Director: Dominic Reeds, MD

Associate Director: TBD

Enrichment Program Director: Brian DeBosch, MD, PhD

Washington University School of Medicine
660 S. Euclid Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110
MSC 8031-14-0002

Email:; deboschb@aaron-graham

Not currently accepting applications; check back with us for the next call. If you have questions, please contact:

The Pilot and Feasibility Program provides four grant awards each year to junior faculty and helps mentor them on their projects and careers. Support is awarded for a limited time (usually one to two years) to enable eligible investigators to explore the feasibility of a concept related to the mission of the NORC, and generate sufficient data to pursue it through other funding mechanisms (e.g. R01).

The pilot and feasibility studies are intended to:

  • Provide support for new investigators seeking to test a new hypothesis or idea related to nutrition/obesity
  • Allow exploration of possible innovative new directions for established investigators already working in the nutrition/obesity field
  • Stimulate investigators from other areas to participate in nutrition/obesity research
  • Increase diversity in the NORC through existing programs focused on recruitment and retention of medical students, graduate students, residents, fellows and faculty from groups underrepresented in science

Pilot and feasibility study support is not intended for large projects by established investigators that would otherwise be submitted as separate research grant applications, nor is it intended to provide bridging support. These awards are also not intended to support or supplement ongoing funded research of an investigator.

Current Awards

AwardeeProject Title
Sarah Farabi, PhD, RNObstructive sleep apnea treatment and insulin sensitivity in pregnancy
Ali Javaheri, MD, PhDApolipoprotein M attenuates heart failure induced by high-fate feeding (renewal)
Nandini Raghuraman, MDObesity-related uterine dysfunction in pregnancy and the potential role of dyslipidemia
Rithwick Rajagopal, MD, PhDEffects of excess de novo lipogenesis in hight-fat diet-induced diabetic retinopathy
Michael Thompson, MD, PhDRole of transmission of microbiome on impact of maternal obesity on offspring (renewal)
Miriam Jacome-Sosa, PhDInteraction between common variants in the CD36 gene, meal handling and adipogenic potential

Please acknowledge the Washington University NORC, Nutrition Obesity Research Center,  in your publications by: “Supported by NIH grant P30 DK056341 (Nutrition Obesity Research Center).”