Longevity Research Program

Bettina Mittendorfer, PhD leads the Longevity Research Program’s study of dietary protein and cardiovascular health.


A collaboration of Washington University School of Medicine and Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA), the Longer Life Foundation has as its mission:

To fund and support the study of factors that either predict the mortality and morbidity of select populations or influence improvements in longevity, health, and wellness.

For more than 20 years, the Longer Life Foundation has awarded Pilot & Feasibility grant funding to investigators with novel ideas for advancing their research addressing topics related to the Foundation mission. We look to fund research studying determinants of long-term prognoses for common human ailments.  Preference is given to clinical research that involves the potential for new discoveries rather than the implementation of existing therapeutic strategies.  The Longer Life Foundation also funds studies that investigate methods to improve disease prognosis or prevent disease from occurring, thereby improving quality and quantity of life. However, these studies should involve diseases specifically posing a risk or are known to shorten life expectancy. The Foundation is interested in individual Pilot & Feasibility studies as well as pilot projects that are a component of larger or established studies, such as analyses of existing databases.

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Dominic Reeds, MD, with the administrative support of Rachel Hauck, provides overall supervision of the Longer Life Center (LLC). Dr. Reeds also directs the Longer Life Foundation (LLF) Enrichment and Dissemination Program and works with Dan Zimmerman, MD, on education programs, position papers and opportunities for hosting international fellows. David Alpers, MD, directs the Research Program, including chairing the Scientific Review Committee (SRC), presenting the SRC’s reports to the LLF Advisory Group and mentoring grantees who are young investigators.

The Scientific Review Committee, which reviews grant applications, consists of a multidisciplinary group of Washington University faculty, members of Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA), and other prominent industry medical directors; it is focused on critical appraisal of applications to the Foundation.

Rachel Hauck, along with her duties as Assistant Secretary of the Foundation, serves as Administrator of the Longer Life Center (LLC). LLC personnel provide a novel, contemporary interface between the Foundation and Washington University. This facilitates functions such as identifying speakers for insurance meetings, securing clinical specialists to provide updates and continuing education to varied insurance groups, and promoting Foundation activities within the Washington University community and beyond. This group also works closely with the Washington University Office of Corporate and Foundation Affairs to develop strategies for attracting additional funding to the Foundation.

Administrative Core

Administrator: R. Hauck

Longer Life Center

Director: D. Reeds

Research Program

Director: D. Alpers

Scientific Review Committee

Chair: D. Alpers
Members: D. Reeds, D. Zimmerman, D. Rengachary, B. Margolis, B. Razani, P. Miller, P. Quartararo, C. Holowaty

Board of Governors Advisory Group

Managing Director: D. Zimmerman

Office of Corporate and Foundation Affairs

G. Floyd